Ethics, done differently.

Toolkits export our lab's signature design-based approach to hands-on ethics education.

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Ethical questions aren't (just) theoretical.

Real-world problem-solving and moral character development need a hands-on approach.

We believe that design-based ways of seeing and acting are especially valuable in addressing complex social and ethical problems. Real-world moral issues ranging from informed consent to environmental racism to big data for medical or government use all demand concrete action—informed by deep moral sensitivity.

The human-centered design tools we use in Ethics Lab to make progress on issues like these help collaborators build empathy, see differently, and grapple creatively with real-world facts and impediments. Since these skills are essential to understanding complex moral problems, we’ve found that many of these tools can be used for incredibly powerful learning experiences.

Validated methods from our Georgetown-based team.

Ethics Lab's designers and ethicists are drawn from the Kennedy Institute of Ethics at Georgetown University, one of the oldest academic ethics centers in the world. From its founding the Institute has been driven by a spirit of inventiveness and ingenuity in the service of moral leadership with real-world impact. We see our lab’s work as part of the 21st century realization of this founding commitment.

No experience required.

Our suite of toolkits are accessible to middle through high-school educators without a background in ethics or design. The toolkits pair ethics topics with design methods in a complete package that includes everything teachers need to facilitate an educational experience in their own classrooms.

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All you need for hands-on ethics learning in one thoughtful package.

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